I finally watched the second disk of my T&B the rising box


Things I noted:

Inue Go is reallly akward in an cute way, the guy is like Keith in some aspects.

Morita sweats just like me, Morita-san I understand your suffering.

I was giving my approval to the vocalist of Unison Square Garden, the guy had his tie badly done, too.

I fucking love that last sketch with Barnaby and Kotetsu, where Barnaby recites, proudly, whatever the heck his poem/song was… Morita made me imagine Barnaby with all those gestures, and even the hand gesture at the end.

The one with Nathan and Pao Lin was fun, Pao Lin wanted to go to the toilet but they were trapped in the elevator, Nathan saved the moment.

The Kotetsu and Antonio one showed me that Antonio is such a good person, and Kotetsu is someone who will go to hell and be burned before telling the truth if he wants too.

The other sketch that was great (all of them were) was the Karina&Ivan are kinda trolled by Yuri Pretov, I don’t know what they were saying but it sounded like Yuri unintentionally trolled them.

My other favorite along with the poem one is the Keith&Barnaby one. Lucky someone shared that one  translated but really both King of Heroes are cute babies.

My mom was checking Morita “such a nice looking young guy” when I informed her of Morita’s age she was “well he doesn’t look like he has that age”

Katsura was acting kinda akward in the SP event.

Finally Nishida is so lively!! I like the guy more and more, he was fiercely defending his choices for Ryan’s not so cool doddon posture, Katsura was teasing him about it.