I didn't know Hoshi was so troublesome when drunk!! XD Did you know other seiyuus like this when drunk? :D



Err…. though Hoshi Souichirou takes the cake for being the most obnoxious one when drunk, there some guys who act silly, but not at his level… I only know  a few of them so… >.>

  • Yusa Kouji - as per other seiyuu’s statements, he’s a bad drunk, becoming even more sadistic than usual when intoxicated. There was this one time where he was drinking with Ono Daisuke and Yasumoto Hiroki and he ended up throwing a wrist watch at OnoD; and that one time he was drinking in a wine bar near Yasumoto’s house and he rang him up, telling Yasumoto to join him in the bar, but once Yasumoto got there, Yusa was already falling asleep drunk and he was denying that he told Yasumoto to join him. 

  • Morikawa Toshiyuki - here’s one guy who, when he was sent home alone in a taxi by Hiyama Nobuyuki, went and made a fuss, ended up mass calling almost every seiyuu in his phone book, telling everyone that Hiyama “abandoned” him. And as a consequence, the next day, everyone whom Morikawa ended up calling was teasing Hiyama, asking him if they “broke up”. lmao.

  • Ono Daisuke - he got drunk on half a bottle of wine, while recording for the 100th episode of his radio show with Kamiya Hiroshi, Dear Girl Stories. He ended up messing up his script and saying really funny and questionable stuff.

  • Taniyama Kishou - ended up giving Shimono Hiro hickeys on his neck

Hmm… they’re the only ones I can remember for now… but yeah…. I’ll add more when I remember them just being lazy